June 21, 2012

I Was Featured Again!!!! :))

YAY!!! My Pajama Romper was featured over at The ArtsyGirl Connection

Pin'Inspirational Thursday #39...Linky Party Day..

It is hosted by The ArtsyGirl Connection and Jane's Adventures in Dinner!

Here what they said-

made this stunning romper!! Soo darling and cute!


OOOH!!! Had to edit this!! I just found ANOTHER feature!! OH MY GOSH!!!!

Here it is!! From The Fun In Functional!!

The Fun In Functional! {Link Party #4}

JUNE 20, 2012

Welcome to The Fun In Functional, the weekly link party hosted on Practically Functional!

This is a place for you to link up any projects you’ve been working on for the past week and show off your creativity! Last week’s party was a great success; thanks to everyone who linked up a project.

If you missed the features from last week’s party you can go check them out here!

Last week’s most popular project was an awesome eyelet shirt shared by Stacy from Stacy Sews And Schools!


  1. That is so cool! You must be over the moon! Will read up on the romper later, it looks like a "let your hair down and have fun" project

  2. Thank you so much!! I am!! It's AWESOME!! LOL

    It really is a fun little project. And you can do it with different fabrics for different things.
    Let me know if you try it!!!! :)

  3. Congrats on being featured twice! That eyelet shirt was really great; I'm not surprised it was the most popular link! Feel free to grab a featured button if you haven't already!

  4. THANK YOU!!!!!

    I still can't believe it! LOL ;)

  5. Patterns haven't seemed to work out for you nor have actually "trying" to make your own patterns. To someone who know how to sew well this is making a bad BAD name for a highly skilled art form you should be highly ashamed to even consider yourself in the realm of amazing seamstresses. Please by all means feel good about your ego boost from idiots who have never sewn, but to the very skilled who have how dare you. That romper does NOT fit. Nor does anything else you make. It is poorly executed at VERY VERY VERY best. I could find a five year old and teach them to do better. Oh and you pin the the wrong direction. I do not know anyone who sews fashion that uses a rotary cutter where are your scissors and some common sense? Have fun with your little blog, enjoy yourself really, but I hope you feel guilt and shame in the fact that you are spreading false knowledge of sewing to the world. I really really do hope that you feel oh so darn proud when you walk out of the house wearing those things and you have your daughters wearing those things, so that the people who see them have to make up excuses to you telling you they like them. When in fact you walk around looking like an idiot who has a romper on her daughter that is clearly up her crotch, and you are wearing a dress that is poorly hemed. Those are just the tip of the ice berg. I really honestly hope in all sincerity you enjoy the attention you are getting.

  6. WOW... That was very ugly, as I am sure you intended it to be.
    Why don't you take another look around my blog. Why don't you read my About Me section... Also, go read my post Rant Against Snobs.
    And SHAME ON YOU for trying to make me feel bad. Guess what? It didn't work. I AM proud of myself. I AM proud of my creations. If you don't like them, don't come to my blog.
    I am not doing this blog for attention. I am doing this as a way to share my sewing journey and as a way to share my ideas.
    SHAME ON YOU for being do ugly to someone you don't even know!!
    I never claimed to be an amazing seamstress. I have never claimed to be anything other than what I am, a BEGINNER!! Yes, a BEGINNER!! I started sewing in MARCH of THIS year.
    So you can take your ugliness somewhere else.
    By the way, I have noticed that I have become better. I have noticed some mistakes that I made in the beginning. And I am GLAD! Yes, GLAD! Because it shows that I am learning!

  7. BTW, I use a rotary cutter because I CAN'T use scissors. I have FMS and scissors hurt my hands tremendously.

  8. I read Cindy's comments and found them to be ugly and nasty. I was taught that if you can't find something nice to say, do not say anything at all.
    I also found it interesting to know that there is a right and a wrong direction to pin. My grandmother, who taught me to sew, was a career seamstress and she never stressed the need to pin in one set direction. I find that depending on what I am sewing, I may pin one direction for one thing and in a different direction for another. Some of it is personal choice. I have a left handed person in my family who always pins in the opposite direction of how I usually pin just by the fact that she is using a different hand to perform the task. As a fellow sufferer of fibromyalgia, I understand the use of the rotary cutter and think it is great work around to the pain caused by using scissors.

  9. Cindy (the nice one)July 15, 2012 at 8:57 PM

    The "pinning in the wrong direction" comment just made made me think of a five year old stomping her foot and screaming, "So there!!!"

  10. THANK YOU, LaVonne!!!

    My Grandmother always pinned the way I do... I used to sit and watch her do it. I guess that's why I do it that way and will continue to do so! ;)

  11. Having a bad day Cindy Mars? That rant was ridiculous and totally uncalled for. I have never seen Stacy represent herself as any kind of professional seamstress or even an advanced sewer. I'm very proud of the work she does. She hit the ground running and has only gotten better and better. As another novice sewer, I enjoy following her projects to give me ideas and tips that I can use in my hobby sewing.
    And really, you're concerned about pinning and rotary cutters? Come on, now. Can we get a little more petty? I couldn't care less if someone used skewers and hedge clippers as long as the finished product was good.
    What a big person you must feel like to spew ugliness to a person who is doing nothing more than sharing her joy of a new hobby and in doing so also dragging a couple of little girls into your nonsense. I must say, Stacy is obviously more of a lady than I am, because anyone speaking about my little girls would have met with a much more heated response.

  12. I was raised like LaVonne, if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.

  13. I am so angry about Cindy Mars' comment right now that I could really get nasty in this comment. Refer back to Stacy's Rant about Snobs!!

    Some people may view their sewing as "art" but others view it as a hobby... just because you view it as art doesn't give you the right to KICK the hobbyists!! Unbelievable.

    As for the romper being up the crotch, she's a child and they don't stand still... I'm sure if the shoulder laces were loosened, it would fit to YOUR satisfaction. I think it's adorable, personally.

    Stacy, Congratulations on being featured again!!! Good for you!!!

  14. Thank you SO much, Eileen!!!!!!!!!!

    The thing is.... the fabric bunched and gathered in that area.... I actually checked several times to make sure of the fit and they fit perfectly.

  15. Stacy, I think you're doing an AWESOME job for a beginner. Pay no attention to a ranter who can't punctuate or use good grammar! I love your work and love the fact you have designed most yourself w/out even using a pattern. Imagination and vision is THE BEST!


I <3 comments!! Thank you so much for taking the time! :)