June 4, 2012

What a Hoot Skirt and Tutorial

This is the best I can do by way of pictures tonight. I promise to take a better pic tomorrow and this time I will actually be wearing the skirt! ;) I just wanted to get this on here tonight!

So here we go!!

I started with 2 yrds of midnight blue taffeta. Then I gathered a few scraps to use for the tree, moon, leaves and owls. You will need at least a 4" zipper.

Step 1- Measure your waist.

Step 2- Find the middle of the fabric (while folded in half, long ways)

Step 3- Fold over again

Step 4- Mark your measurements on the fabric with pins (this will be 1/4 of the total measurement you took plus 1/4" for seams)

Step 5- From your measure take a straight edge and mark a slant on the fabric.

Step 6- Cut the slant.

Step 7- Open up and cut the pieces in 2 making the front and back of the skirt. Put the back aside for now.

Step 8- Grab a brown paper bag, wrapping paper or whatever you have to draw out your tree pattern. Draw it and cut it out.

Step 9- Take your tree pattern and place it on your green scraps. Cut a half circle around the branches.

Step 10- Now pin and cut your tree from your brown fabric.

Step 11- Find something round to trace your moon onto your yellow fabric. Cut it out and then cut it into a crescent.

Step 12- Cut out your owls or birds from your scraps.

Step 13- Pin your green "leaves" to the front of your skirt. Zig-zag stitch all the way around.

Step 14- Pin your tree to the front of the skirt and over part of the leaves. Zig-zag around.

Step 15- Pin your moon and zig-zag it to your skirt.

Step 16- Pin your owls, birds, whatever and zig-zag those to the branches of the tree.

Step 17- Grab the back of your skirt and pin one side to the front with right sides together. Sew your seam.

Step 18- Take the whole measure of your waist and cut a long strip in that length by about 4". This will be your waistband.

Step 19- Fold waistband in half and press.

Once again, remove cat from fabric. SIGH.....

Step 20- Pin the waistband to top of skirt, right sides together. Stitch.

Step 21- Grab a 4" zipper and pin then stitch to the other side of the skirt (where you haven't sewn a seam yet)

Some people sew the seam first, I prefer to do the zipper first. It's much easier for me that way.

Step 22- Pin and stitch the other seam.

Step 23- Pin and hem!

Turn it right side out, press your hem and you are DONE!!! :) Easy peasy!

I left the edges raw instead of zig-zagging right on top of them. I think I like the look of it better that way.

I hope you like it! Give it try!

Let me know if this was easy to follow or not. I never know if I am clear enough or take too many (or not enough) pics! LOL


  1. I like it! Great job!

  2. THANK YOU!!!
    I was a little worried about how it might turn out.... LOL

  3. Very cute! I have the owl fabric in yellow, and a cat that likes to 'help' too!


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