June 1, 2012

Retro Butterick '56 Will Be the Death of Me!


SIGH... It has now taken me 2 days to figure that collar out! My goodness!!! GRRR!! The directions in the pattern aren't clear at all. But that's OK... I figured it out. I still need to pick out the threads and do a little tweaking but for now I will be moving on the skirt part! SHEW!!! I should have this finished up tomorrow! YAY!!! It has never taken me this long to sew a dress! LOL

The pattern called for interfacing for the collar and of course I didn't have any so I came up with an alternative. ;) I had just bought a white sheet that I planning to turn into a petticoat. So this is what I did -


I cut it out of the sheet! It worked wonderfully! :)

I promised D that I would show off the cute manicure she did. Tiger stripes!


It was a no-go again on bottle feeding Butch and Sundance this morning but we spent a lot of time holding and loving on them. They are SOOOOO cute. c2 is a little afraid of them, I think. He would touch them but not hold them. I think he will come around, though.

Here are a couple of past projects I have worked on.

My fairy garden!!

It's full of weeds right now. I guess I need to take care of that... Darn lazy fairies! You would think the least they could do is a little weeding after I took the time to make this for them! ;)

Cupcake Soap -

Making soap is a lot of fun. There's so many ways to do it! I haven't made any in a while. More projects for Christmas presents! LOL

My coat rack!! We needed this in a BAD way!! Everyone would just hang their coats on the banister! It was driving me crazy!! LOL

It was very simple to make. I took a plain board and spray painted it almond. After that dried I stick some letters on. Then I went over it with a couple coats of terracotta rose. When it was dry I peeled the letters off. Then I took some 25 cent hooks and spray painted them with the almond. Once dry I had The Hubby help me hand screw them in. All-in-all it took 2 days.

My Harry Potter Nook cover! This was before my sewing machine so it was hand-stitched.

Well, that's it for now! Wish me luck on finishing the dress!! LOL The darn light is still out on my sewing machine. GRR!!!



  1. It's looking great, Stacy!!

  2. Thank you!!! It's definitely the most complicated thing I have done.SIGH....

  3. That dress will be worth all the aggravation once it's done, I'm sure!

  4. But think of everything you're LEARNING! :)

    FWIW, I find that retro knitting patterns can. E tricky, too. The pattern writers made a lot of assumptions about what all knitters knew at that point. I've found that I don't always know the "common knowledge" things in those older patterns!

  5. Can BE tricky. Be tricky. Danged iPhone.

  6. VERY true! I am learning lots... While also wanting to throw things. LOL ;)
    Yeah, I think some of the things are just assumed in the instructions. But the hardest parts are out of the way now! SHEW!!!!

  7. ROFLOL! I knew what you meant! I can barely type on the laptop let alone my phone!!! LOL

  8. Looks great, Stacy! Now time to get that light-bulb!

  9. Yep... But I am a little afraid to take it apart. LOL ;)


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