June 18, 2012

A Great Big OOOPSY!! and Retro Butterick '53

Well, I had an oopsy. Yep. SIGH..... So I was cutting out the fabric for this -

Retro Butterick  B5708


when I made a HUGE mistake.... I was off in my own little world (they know me and are nice to me there), not paying much attention.... It was late last night. VERY late..... Well, you see.... I cut it out in the wrong order! WAH!!!! So when it came time to cut the 2 upper bodice pieces I didn't have the right dimensions for it! WAH!!!

Here is the fabric -

I got it on clearance at Hancock's. I bought the LAST that they had that day. I went back today just in case. Nope. Nothing. SIGH.... So I bought a yard of butter yellow to match a remnant of butter yellow that I already had.... Hoping that will do. If not I guess I will go back again tomorrow! LOL Good news is, I am going back tomorrow anyway. When I was there today I noticed a 1/2 off sign over everything including the clearance tables. So I asked. LOL The lady said that tomorrow will be 1/2 off everything in the store CLEARANCE included!! I saw some REALLLLLY nice looking fabric that had a very vintage feel to it. :) YAY!! LOL So I guess my OOPS might turn out OK... I hope the dress works with a solid color upper bodice. View B calls for a contrasting BACK upper so maybe.....

In other news. I have hit over 300 views today!! YAY!!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!! When I started sewing just over 3 months ago I never thought I would be here today blogging about it. And when I started the blog 3 1/2 weeks ago I never thought I would hit that many views that quickly. I'm hoping that means that you like me! ;) Or at least like my sewing! LOL Or maybe it's my witty repartee? LOL Goofy pics??

I might have to think up a contest for if I ever hit 500 views in a day!

I have a really cute idea in my head for a '60s style dress for c1.... After the Retro Butterick '53 I will start on it. You know what that means!! Another tutorial. I would like to post at least one a week. Well, maybe not next week. We start VBS and I will be teaching the 4/5s. Help... ;) So I will be going in early and leaving there late.


  1. Sorry about the oops, but I think that a solid top would work okay.

    And you know *I* love you, although you make me feel like a slacker in the sewing department, lol!

  2. ROFLOL!!! Well, you have been so busy doing SOOOO much other stuff!!! Like !#$%^ing houses!! ;)

  3. Oh. I hate Oopsy! I've had so many of those though! Grrr....=)
    Kristina J.

  4. Thanks!! Glad to know I'm not alone! LOL

  5. I come for the cats....

  6. ROFLOL!! At least you come..... LOL And those darn cats are ALWAYS in the middle of everything. SIGH.....

  7. True... I'd much rather be sewing or reading or crocheting or.... just about anything other than cleaning, lol!

  8. I love that pattern and the different ways you can wear it. I think your 'oppsy' will turn out fab. Can't wait to see.

  9. HUSH!! No bad words on the blog! LOL

    Yeah, I'd rather watch grass grow or paint dry than !#$%^..... LOL

  10. Thank you!! I have part of the bodice together now and I am starting to think it will actually look better that way! LOL


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