January 2, 2014

Hands on Math Activities

Hands On Math Activities

So, my printer went out... I had to buy a new one. BLECK!!! My old printer was a Kodak and the ink lasted forever and was SO CHEAP. SIGH... When I went to buy a new one they were out of Kodaks. WAH!!!! I bought an HP instead. Now, the quality of the HP is AWESOME but the ink is higher and doesn't last as long. I say all of that to tell you this: I will be MAKING a lot of homeschooling stuff instead of PRINTING a lot of homeschooling stuff. When we first started homeschooling (7 years ago!!!) that was a normal occurrence. I made TONS of stuff. Looks like we are going back to that and I LOVE IT!! I had forgotten how much fun it was to make my own games and such.

Anyway, here are 2 new math games. Colin is LOVING them. SHEW!!!!!

Hands on Math 034

This is his favorite. He loves rolling the dice and inserting the numbers.

Hands on Math 015

I made different symbol squares so that even Cailey can use the game. It's so versatile! You can compare the numbers, add them, subtract them, multiply or divide them! :)

Hands on Math 010

To store the game pieces I just stapled a paper bag to the "game board".  Zipper bags would probably be better but I am out, of course.

Hands on Math 005

Skip counting by 5s game! I traced Colin's hands on to construction paper and cut them out. Then I just wrote the numbers on the palms. He's not as fond of this game, probably because dice are not involved, but he loves that he is playing with HIS hands. LOL

Hands on Words 007

The other day when I posted some sight word / word family activities I also posted some links to other hands on ideas. This was one of them! This is my version of Creative Family Fun 's Word Family Sort.

I added a blank circle for those sight words that Colin is learning that don't fit into a family or ones that he isn't actually learning all of yet.

I also added a couple of new things to the blog. In a banner across the top you'll see a listing of pages. You can find links to my Homeschooling Lessons page and my other categories. Now you (and I) can find what I have on each topic without having to use the search box.



  1. Stacy, you are a very creative teacher.. I know it must be hard, with doing so many different grade levels..eeeh [I just know I would be over whelmed.] So admire you.. Happy home schooling in 2014.

  2. Thank you, Judy!!!! :)
    It helps that I love it so much! LOL Without that I would be starkers! LOL

  3. Oh man, I love printing things! To go back to making it all would be so hard. You did a great job. Love the skip counting hands!

  4. Thanks, Lisa!!!
    I am in need of a creative outlet until I start sewing again. It helps to make instead of print! LOL


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