January 8, 2014

What We've Been Up To (Besides FREEZING!!!)

We have been SO busy and SO cold!!! Single digit highs for the south?? INSANE!!!! Our sliding door on the van was frozen shut for DAYS!! It finally opened yesterday afternoon!  Thank goodness!

So, just what have we been up to???

Carousel 011 Carousel 013

We went to the mall last weekend. Cailey and Colin loved the indoor carousel!

It's a bit different for us here. It takes almost an hour to get to a mall!!! WHAT??? Crazy!!!!

We then headed over to the huge used book store. Unfortunately someone decided to have a massive meltdown so he and I ended up sitting it out in the van. SIGH..... I did manage to snag some great freebies from the free box, though!

Water Cycle Collage

We have been studying the weather. Cailey and Colin drew the water cycle.

Weather 030

We made a wind vane!! An actual working wind vane! LOL It was accurate and everything!

Motte and Bailey Castle 021 Motte and Bailey Castle 022

We also started our middle ages unit. We were going to make actual dirt, grass and wood models of motte and bailey castles but the GROUND IS FROZEN!!!!!!  So they drew them instead. ;)

Shield and Sword Papier Mache 016

Yesterday we started making papier mache shields and swords. I'll be posting the finished products soon! ;)

What have you been up to???


  1. I love these little peeks at what's going on with you guys. Sometimes the challenge of finding alternative options when the weather doesn't cooperate is frustrating but it looks like you adapted quite well.

  2. Thank you, Karen!!!!
    They really wanted to dig in the dirt. LOL Guess we'll just have to try it another time.

  3. I love reading about all of your hands-on activities. They are so important to children. You're doing a great job, momma! Sometimes, everyone just needs to hear that. Keep warm, Michele

  4. Thank you SOOOOOO much, Michele!! You are so sweet!!!
    And you're right, we all definitely need to hear it once in a while. THANK YOU!!!!!

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