January 15, 2014

Weather Activities

Weather Activities

We are still studying weather around here. We have had QUITE the variety to study, too. LOL Snow, sleet, freezing rain, ice, rain, sun, freezing cold and regular cold. LOL
Here is a link to the resources that I put together for a weather unit study and you can click HERE for some more activities for studying weather. For ALL of my homeschooling resources and activities click HERE.

Now on to our most recent weather activities!!

Make a Cloud

We made a cloud!!! It was sooooo hard to get a picture of it!! I hope you can tell where it was! LOL
I got the idea from HERE. I didn't have a pie tin so we used a cake pan instead. ;) HERE is another one. Darn! I wish I had some matches! LOL

weather cloud activity 005 weather cloud activity 006
Before creating the cloud in a jar, we made the 3 main types of clouds out of cotton balls.

weather atmosphere activity 003 weather atmosphere activity 004

I had them draw and label the atmosphere, marking where weather happens the most.
Well, I labeled Colin's for him. ;)

Next, for our weather unit, I plan on using more of the Young Scientist Kit that we have. LOVE those kits!!!!!!

Coming up tomorrow (if it all dries in time) I should have a REALLLLLLLLLLLY cool Middle Ages activity for you! Cailey and Colin had so much fun creating them! ;)


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