January 12, 2014

Make Your Own Shield and Sword

We are a week into studying the middle ages and having a TON of fun with it!!!!

We drew motte and bailey castles, read books, watched videos and now we've made our own shields and swords!

I started out by cutting the shield shapes from thin cardboard, like the long, flat boxes that 24 packs of soda come in.

Then I stapled the handles to the back, once again using the same thin cardboard, but from the sides of the boxes.

Next I made the paste! I sort of eyeball the paste when I make it but I use a little flour, Elmer's Glue (almost 2 bottles) and water. For one child or smaller projects I would make about 1/2.

Shield and Sword Papier Mache 016

Then they started layering!

medieval shield 002

Once the shields were dry (the next day), we glued aluminum foil to the front and back, making sure to cover the handle as well.

medieval shield 008 medieval shield 010

After that, they painted them.

For the swords I used cardboard from one of our moving boxes and just cut out the shape.

Then we used paper mache on them as well.

medieval sword 011

Next came aluminum foil and construction paper.

Finally, they decorated the hilts with glitter glue.

medieval sword 014

Here is Colin's finished sword!

They had so much fun making them and have been battling it out ever since! LOL


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