January 16, 2014

Make a Medieval Tapestry

Make a Medieval Tapestry

So, I've been racking my brain to think of ideas for our Middle Ages unit that are NOT run of the mill and I think I may have hit on one!

Yesterday we made our own tapestries!! Well,  sort of.... We did break out a loom or anything like that. We did it OUR way. ;)

I dug out a couple of scraps of fabric that were sitting on top of one of my fabric boxes and decided they would work just fine.

Then I hunted down the dowel rods that I knew were here SOMEWHERE!

After that I hunted high and low for yarn or twine... ANYTHING to hang them with!! I got lucky and found some string.

When we got to our Middle Ages study I showed Cailey and Colin different pictures of medieval tapestries and explained how they were used.

Then I sat them in front of the fabric scraps with their paints and brushes and let them go.

This is what they came up with.

Medieval Tapestry 014

Colin went with a shield and knights.

The lighting for this pic was terrible and using the flash only made it worse! LOL

Medieval Tapestry 005

Cailey went with a unicorn and rose vines.

After the paint dried, I put a ton of glue at the tops and wrapped them around the dowels. Then I added the strings to end.

Viola! Medieval tapestries!!!

You could always have your child try their hand at a bit of embroidery.



  1. Smart idea mom... Kids did a great job..
    any luck finding a bigger house??? How are you liking your new area?
    Know you will be happy to start sewing again..[i will too--- miss your tutorials]

  2. THANK YOU!!!!!!!
    No luck yet. The Hubby is going to light a fire under the realty lady. LOL
    I am going to try to put up some shelves in our laundry area and see if I can't unpack my sewing stuff. ;)


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