January 27, 2014

How We Do Nature Studies

Nature Study

We LOOOOOOOVE studying nature. It's one of our absolute favorite things to do and we do it as a family.

Here is how WE do nature studies.

We go to a lot of different places:

Our yard

Botanical Gardens


Nature Centers





Petting Zoos

Regular Zoos

And we take A LOT of pictures!!!

nature 1

Cailey found a caterpillar at a local park. She wanted to take it home and see what would happen.

First, we took some leaves from the tree where we found it.

When we got home we realized we had one of that same tree in our yard! YAY!!

Then we put the caterpillar in the bug catcher with the leaves and a few drops of water.

Next we waited.

After 2 days it started making it's cocoon!! (Yes, cocoon, not chrysalis.)

Then we waited some more.

After what felt like FOREVER, a tent moth finally appeared!!!

nature 4 nature 3 nature 2

nature 14

These  were all found in our yard when we lived in Virginia.

nature 8 nature 7 nature 6 nature 5

nature 15

These pictures were taken at 4 different parks in the Richmond area.

nature 10 nature 9

These were taken at a botanical garden in the Richmond area. Botanical gardens are the PERFECT place to observe nature. Plants, bugs, birds, lizards......

nature 13 nature 11

These 2 were taken in our yard in Georgia.

One thing about moving, you can learn so much about the different plants and animals in each environment.

nature 16

This was taken at a WONDERFUL nature center in the Richmond area. We LOOOOOVED that place. They had live animals, a nice park, fossils, skulls, bird calls (with pictures of the birds) and a ton of dioramas.

So, HOW do we do nature studies?? We just get out in it. No set topics, no set lessons. No agenda other than seeing what we can see and being outdoors.

We don't do much of it in the winter, though. We usually just observe from the windows... LOL  I can't wait until the temps warm up enough to go exploring!

I guess that sums up exactly what we do. We go exploring. :D


  1. What a fun way to study nature.. Now...this is a fun school day..!!!

  2. LOL! Absolutely!!! All the kids love it! :D


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