January 29, 2014

Homeschooling High School - Part 2 - The CHEAP Stuff

HighSchool 2

MOST of the stuff we use in homeschooling I get on the cheap. ;) I love used book stores, Amazon and thrift shops for finding cheap books, especially since we use mostly living books.

Now, having said that, Deanna actually likes Abeka for science. Thankfully I have found all the books from 4th grade up to chemistry for at most $4 a piece.

I am going to give you a list of some of my favorite cheap curriculum and they can almost all be found at the same place, Currclick.

Hands of a Child - Lapbooks and Notepacks - can also be found at their own site (usually cheaper). The older kids have grown out of their love of lapbooks but still do a lot of notebooking.

Simple Schooling - Tons of prepared units for science and history. These go on sale quite often and at certain times of the year they can even be found for free.

Homeschool Learning Network - Tons of prepared units for science and history. They can also be found on Amazon for Kindle.

Brandenburg Studies - Units for almost all subjects.

History Scribe - History Notebooking Pages

The Christian Homeschool Hub Download Club - ALL SUBJECTS!! Seriously, just about anything you could think of. It's a flat fee for a whole year and you can download as much as you like.

Now, those are just my favorite. There are many, many more cheap resources out there.

Just remember, homeschooling does NOT have to cost a fortune!! Even if you prefer text books, you can find them cheap at  Amazon or eBay. ;)


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