July 30, 2012

Baptism Day!

Yesterday was Baptism Day for Cailey and me. :) It was a wonderful, gorgeous day down by the coast. The girls and I walked down 150 steps to the beach. Of course we then had to walk 150 steps back UP!! Oh my goodness!!! LOL But it was an absolutely perfect day. I got to help with Cailey's  baptism and she got to help with mine. Then we had a picnic!

We we were actually baptized in a pool. The elderly members of the church can't walk down to the beach so they had a pool set up. :)

I wanna go back to the coast!! LOL


  1. How wonderful.. Is Cailie your daughter?? I have a grandaughter named Callie.. Wonder if you and I are pronouncing it the same,ha..My Callie is 11 yrs old..
    What a blessing for both of you.. And the beach is beautiful.. Great Idea with the pool..Sending prayers that God will continue to bless.
    Where do you live? I didn't notice on your front page.. I live in Ms.. At the tip top.. I am right on the Tenn. line.. I was just curious if you lived at the coast.

  2. Thanks!! Yes, Cailey is my youngest daughter. I pronounce Kay-Lee. :)
    We live in VA but The Hubby is from Nashville. I am originally from WV but have lived all over.
    Thank you, again!!! :)


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