July 6, 2012

My Pattern Wish List

I haven't done a bit of sewing yet today. I'm still having bobbin issues... But I have also spent the day running errands and playing in the water with my little ones. We are thinking about getting a pool but living way out in the boonies with a well we will have to pay someone to fill the pool up. The Hubby is supposed to get a phone number to one of those places tomorrow so we can check on the prices. Fingers crossed!! I REALLLLLLY want a pool!! LOL

So, anyway, I thought I would show y'all some patterns that are on my wish list. If you are like me you can't look at enough patterns!! LOL Or fabric, either! ;)

Vogue 1111 DKNY Babydoll Top and Crop Pants Pattern Size 6-12

Vogue 1111

Vogue Patterns 8402

Vogue 8402

McCall's 5672

1940s Style Sailor Girl Pin Up Playsuit Pattern- Bust 32- Wearing History

The 1940's Sailor Girl Playsuit from Wearing History Patterns

I want that one SOOOOOOOOOOO much!! It will be mine!!! One day!! ;)

Have you all seen the Sew Weekly Make This Look???

I'll just give you a little taste. ;)

Click on the link to check out more Make This Look!! And then sigh and drool over them like I do.

OHHHH!!! Those SHOES!!! And the hats!!! AND the bags!!!!!


Ok, now I need to mop up the drool off my keyboard! ;)

You can always check out my Pinterest for more patterns!! I have GOBS of vintage patterns Pinned on there!

Now, off to try to figure out why my bobbin is acting stupid... Maybe my sewing machine is possessed, again!


  1. Try googling your bobbin issue - I know my Mom had a similar issue many many many many.... many years ago and it was something to do with a tension setting have been *ahem* altered.

    (No fabric so no cats huh?)

  2. THANKS!!!
    I looked it up and it did say something about the tension. I may just have to keep fiddling with it. :/
    I oiled it, changed the needle (again) and changed the bobbin (again) and it's working a bit better now.
    Yep, no cats. They been fairly well behaved lately.

  3. Hey Stacey, I just thought of something else my machine did one time.[shame on me, and I should be ashamed to tell this,lol]..My bobbin thread kept messing up, and I couldnt figure it out?? FInally ,ONe day I was trying to work on it, [and I know nothing about working on sewing machine,]anyway, I took the bobbin and the bobbin case out completely.. The bottom of the bobbin case was full of dust/threads,etc.. It was making the bobbin case not fit correctly in there. I cleaned it out and oiled it. Worked like a dream. Hope this might help. Nothing more frustrating ,than our machines to go hay wire.

  4. Your pattern want list is wonderful.. I love patterns and fabric.. And when I see something made on a blog.. I end up wanting that pattern.ha Happy sewing.. hope you get your pool and also your pattern wish list.

  5. Thank you, Judy!!! I cleaned it out but I didn't take it out... Maybe I ought to!! Thanks, again!!

  6. Thanks, Judy!!
    We got the pool!!! YAY!!! It's a small one, only 12' wide and 3' deep, but with the C's being so little we didn't want one that would be over their heads.


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