July 12, 2012

My Next Tutorial Will Be......

I have it all figured out. Sort of... ;) I know what I WANT to make it just remains to be seen if I can actually DO it.

Let me give you an idea. :)

It starts with these 2 fabrics (that I got for $1 a piece in the remnants bin at Hancock's!!!!) -

I want to try to merge these two looks-

The Sound of Music Collared Romper from ShopRuche.com

Morning at the Manor Top from ChicWish.com.  I found this on Pinterest and the link doesn't seem to work for the blouse. :/ Maybe it's just sold out?

Anyway... I want to make this for c1. I think it would be awfully cute IF I can pull it off. LOL

If I have enough of the blue left over I want to make c2 some dressy shorts. Maybe... Not sure if they would look right or not. What do you think? Blue rayon(ish) shorts for a boy? Will it work???

I ordered a couple of patterns a few days ago and I wish they would hurry up and get here!!! I am anxious to start one of them!!

These are the two I ordered-


McCall's 6362

I want to make view A in a bad, bad way. And then maybe mix the bodice from A with C. :)


Butterick's 5046

I fell in love with this one. I want ALL the views! ;)

I reallllly need to make a trip to Hancock's or Joann's. I am in bad need of bias tape. I went through some of my patterns and it seems that every single one that I really want to make needs bias tape!  And I need to pick up some nice buttons. And a zipper foot. And..... LOL The list just keeps growing! ;) OH!! And today is my cousin's Birthday!!(Happy Birthday, Amy!!) and I want to make her some PJ pants. She really likes the owls that I made and I want to either find some owl fabric OR monkeys. OOH! I wonder if I can find sock monkeys??? That would be AWESOME!!! Don't worry, it's not a secret. ;)


  1. :) so excited about the pj pants!!! I can't wait! Thank you Thank You!

  2. You find the best remnants! And so inexpensive too! I wasn't able to do nearly as well at Joann's today. :( I did get some fabric on sale to try to make DDO a little dress. I also got a great deal on some red camo. I have no idea what I'll use it for, but I loved the colors. LOL!!

  3. LOL! Thanks, Lambie!! I got SO lucky when I went to Hancock's on the 4th. All the remnants were a $1! I loaded up. LOL
    OOOH!!! Will I get to see some pics?? Red camo sounds great!!!


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