July 15, 2012

Romper Progress and Mean Awful People

I am almost done with the romper. All I have left to do is sew the collar and attach it. Here is a little sneak peek of the Marvelous Romper! ;)

The picture is a little blurry but I have such AWFUL lighting at night. :/

Now, on to my main post... Mean Awful People....

Why do some people feel the need to be so ugly and mean to others? This is something I truly do not understand. What do they gain by it? Do they really feel that superior to everyone else?

Today I had my first bad comments..... I guess I should be thankful that it has taken this long to get them. LOL The first one was more snarky than anything else.... I welcome constructive criticism. I really, honestly do. But the thing is, you don't have to be a jerk about it. Really. Just tell me you think something would have been better if I had done such-and-such.

The second comment was so mean, ugly, hateful and spiteful that I just couldn't believe it.... If you don't like my sewing you don't have to look at it. Move on.... Go to someone else's blog. You don't have to spew hate all over me. Because listen to this, I sew for the enjoyment of it. I sew for my kids. I sew for myself. I sew for those that want to follow my journey. I sew for those that enjoy what I do. I don't sew for the haters. And I am not going to stop sewing or blogging because someone was mean to me. You won't steal my joy.

I truly hope that these people don't go all over the bloggy world leaving a trail of hate behind them. How sad. Someone might actually take it to heart instead of seeing it for what it really is. A person that has nothing better to with their time than to try to make others as miserable as they obviously are. I feel sorry for people like that. I really do. How awful must their lives be?

I have left their comments up. Not sure if I will continue to do so or not..... I want people like them to know that I am not afraid of them. They can't hurt me. Make me mad? Yeah. Especially when they bring my kids into it. That is above and beyond crappy (yes, I am really thinking of another word....).

So, enough about that.

I will be finishing up the Marvelous Romper tomorrow and FINALLY posting the tutorial!! YAY!! I hope y'all like it as much as I do!!! :)


  1. You go girl!!!!!!!!1

  2. Bless you, Stacy. You are right that their lives must be awful. How sorrow full their lives are .I don't know or care what they said. You are talented and so full of the love of life, it dances all over the page. Keep on shining your light and being God's beacon. You are a blessing to me and many others.

  3. Thank you SO VERY MUCH Regena!! You are so sweet!!

  4. I honestly cannot fathom any way anybody can say something awful about your posts...
    Love that romper, by the way. :-)

  5. "A person that has nothing better to with their time than to try to make others as miserable as they obviously are"

    What I want to know is why are they spewing all over you instead of working on their "Art"? Obviously the muse has left them for now.

    Good for you for not letting it get you down?

  6. Well, that should have been an exclamation point, not a question mark, lol! Not enough coffee yet.

  7. Your lovely creations, enthusiasm, and photos of your adorable "models" always brighten my day! :) Keep up the great work, Stacy! Oh, and that romper is going to be adorable! :)

  8. Thank you SO much!!! You are too kind!!!!!

  9. Thank you SO MUCH!!!! You are so sweet!!!!!! :)

  10. Stacey, I am sooo sorry that some one did you like that.. People can be so cruel.. I love your blog and look forward to it every day...to see what your doing next.. The steady day
    to day sewing, is so fun. And I love that you share your fabric /pattern finds [Even though\
    you cause me to head out to Hancocks or Joanns to get more..that I don't need..hahaha]

    As for your sewing.. Girl......you amaze me.. YOu have only been sewing a few months and already creating all these things.. wow!! I have sewed for 25 yrs. and I can tell you, the first few years of attempting to teach myself..was AWFUL!! I sure wouldn't have posted it [if there would have been such thing as a computer blog sight.lol]..You couldnt wear the first few dresses I tried to make.. [They had to go in the garbage.ha].. I finally got a crossover sun dress for my baby girl [who is now 40 and a high school teacher.sad]. I made her like 50 of them that summer, and it got me to sewing a little more things.. BUt that took several yrs. So. when I see you making all these gorgeous garments for yourself and the
    children.. I am thrilled.

    So proud you didn't let that mean person [which I hope she didnt mean it bad..I didnt see
    the post??] upset you or discourage you.. Sewing is a fun hobby and blogging about it with like minded people is so fun.. Sometimes, I get a little discouraged and think, " Judy, what are you posting these photos for? NO one wants to see or hear an old woman sewing
    talk.". But, I soon get over it, and keep on sewing and blogging. Because I love it. And I have made some wonderful friends.

    When you get time, please go to my blog and check it out..ha.

  11. Correction.. I said I have been sewing for 25 yrs.. meant to say 40 yrs.. eeeeh.. that makes me sound really old.lol

  12. Thank you so much for your wonderful words of encouragement!!! You are just an awesome friend. Thank you!!!
    Where is your blog??? I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to follow it!!!!

  13. LOL! Not at all!!! Just experienced and wise!!!

  14. I found it!! I love it! You are an awesome seamstress!!!

  15. It always amazes how some people act. Has rudeness become the norm these days? Would these people act this way in someone's home? I guess they do not realize they are a guest here. Your blog, your world, your rules!! My suggestion - ignore them and pity them. They obviously have issues and do not feel they are doing anything wrong. Just ignore them and as the fibro folks say - "don't sweat the small stuff!

    Keep up the good work. You obviously enjoy what you are doing and from reading the comments you have encourage others to put aside their fears and learn to sew or improve their skills. We both know sewing is good therapy!!!

    Keep your head high and as the saying goes - "Keep Calm and Carry On"!!!!


  16. Thank you VERY much, Patricia!!! I truly appreciate it!!!

    It does seem that people are becoming much more rude. But you're right, they are to be pitied. It must be sad in their world. :/

  17. I always look forward to your posts, especially your creations, Stacy! You are an inspiration. I am an awe of your talent and generosity. As for those rude people, they are just jealous of you. They might have too much time on their hands. Positivity rules!

  18. Thank you so much!! You always have such nice words for me!!! You are a sweet person! THANK YOU!!

  19. You are rubber...they are glue...their comments bouce off you...and, hopefully, attache to them on the outside so everyone can see THEIR ugliness.

    OK, it didn't rhyme...and they will probably complain...and don't give a rats patoot...

  20. Right back at you!


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