July 20, 2012

Sewing for Charity

Right now there are two great sew-a-longs going on for two different charities! They look like TONS of fun to participate in!! What do you think??

I hope I get all of this right... LOL

Project Run and Play

The first is Skirting the Issue through Project Run & Play. They have been posting TONS of free tutorials for skirts. Grab yourself a cold drink and settle in to check it all out. Once your done, sew up a couple of skirts for a good cause! :) The skirts will go to girls that are in the foster care system. You can either find out where to donate them in your area or mail them to  Project Run & Play.

The second is from Hopeful Threads. They are sewing up boy shorts for children in Cambodia! Fishstick Designs has created a pattern FOR FREE to use for this project. If you want the free pattern all you have to do is make a pair of shorts for charity. How easy is that?

I think I will sew up a couple of things for both. How about joining me??


  1. Hmm, this might be a good use of some of the fabric I have sitting around.

  2. It would be an EXCELLENT use!! :) And there are tons of free patterns and tutorials for the skirts and at least one free pattern and tutorial for the shorts!! :)

  3. Stacey, I love sewing for charities.. I feel it is one of the best ministries we can do. Our Heavenly Father commands us to remember the needy.
    I make pillowcase dresses [out of fabric] for different places..My daughter in law's uncle is a missionary for Hatti and goes several times a year, I send them by her.. And also, I just look around our community and look for children in need.. There are so many single moms struggling to raise kids alone..
    So proud you are sewing for Charities.. God bless.

  4. Thank you, Judy!! You are absolutely right! Jesus told us to look after those that are in need. YAY for you!! I think that is marvelous!!! :)


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