July 25, 2012

The Trouble with My Sewing Machine GRRRRR!!!

I am about to have FITS!!!! ARGH!!! I have only gotten one pair of shorts done. Actually, you can't even call them done! Here is the issue!

This is what my sewing machine keeps doing. I'll think it's fixed but after a while it always goes back to that! I oil it every other day. I change the needles regularly. I have adjusted the tension...  I just don't know what else to do! OH! And I've tried 3 different types of bobbins!

Anyone have any thoughts??? I'm completely lost. SIGH....

In good news, my cousin LOVES her pj pants!! YAY!!! But dummy me forgot to take pics of them! LOL


  1. Hi Stacie.. So sorry your sewing machine is giving you trouble still.. Looks like the tension i messed up..Do you have a repairman in your area? Probably [since you have done all the basic things] you need a repairman to work on the tension.. So sorry.
    Hope it gets to working soon..It is so frustrating to try to sew, when it does this crazy stuff..
    Proud your neice liked her pj's... That was sweet of you.

  2. Thank you, Judy!!!!!
    I think I MIGHT have fixed it. I found a tutorial that says to reset the upper tension and then slooooowly adjust the bobbin tension until the looping disappears. I have tested it out and it looks like it might be OK now. Fingers crossed!!! If not The Hubby knows a guy that has done a lot of work on Singers so that will be who we go to!
    Thanks, again!!!! :)

  3. Yes, it definitely is a tension probably, as you know. From time to time, I have had this problem. Thought it was just me and took a long break from sewing. lol. If it does it on my next project......guess will find a Singer repairman. :) Thx for sharing.

  4. I think I managed to fix it... But then I thought that before, too... LOL
    Love you, Auntie T!!! :)


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