July 5, 2012

Silky Stuff and Bobbins Make Me CRAZY!!!

Well... SNOT! This silky fabric is making me a crazy person. I have ripped out the hem on the flounce 3 times!!! I replaced the whole flounce once already... SIGH... I think most of this is due to my bobbin thread going nuts. I have cleaned the little compartment out and changed bobbins but it's still making the bottom stitches too loose. Anyone have any advice???

Here is what I have so far on the McCall's 6467

SIGH... I have ironed and ironed and ironed and still can't get the dang wrinkles out. :/

I think I am just going to cover the flounce hem with some lace hem tape and be done with it before I cause it bodily harm.

I am going to have to make a shell to go under it. It is SOOO thin! Luckily I still have enough of the fabric left (I think....).

SIGH.... Maybe it will look better once I get it all done..... You think???

On a GOOD note The Hubby bought me Wicked Business (Lizzy and Diesel, Bk 2) by Janet Evanovich today!!! WOOO HOOO!!!! Gotta love Carl the Monkey! ;) I can't wait to read it!


  1. Don't know what kind of machine you have, but on mine, a very old Bernina, I would say the tension needs adjusting, not sure how you would do that on your machine. Also since it is very slick fabric make sure your needle is the right one for the fabric you are using and is sharp, just in case the needle is pulling. The idea of a lace trim sound like a perfect solution.

  2. I was going to say similar things as above. Check the tension and it is worth changing the needle maybe. It is a cute colour though! I am still too scared to attempt silky fabrics due to the potential to turn into raging mad me! :P

  3. I adjusted the tension for the silky fabric and it didn't help. :/ I can try changing the needle out. Thanks!!!
    Yeah, this silky stuff is awful!! I love the look and feel of it but I'm not sure if it's worth the bother! LOL

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  5. Thanks!!! On my way to visit and follow you! :)

  6. Thank you!!
    I changed the needle and it's STILL messing up. :/ I'm going to try a little oil and see if that does any good.
    Fingers crossed!!!

  7. Stacey,
    Don't know ,if it will help.. but ..try changing your bobbin too.. Sometimes if the bobbin is warped [how it warps ,I dont know?? ha] or has a knick.. It will do that.. Hope your blouse turns out.. So frustrating when fabric drives us nuts.ha Happy sewing.

  8. The only other suggestion I can offer is using tissue paper as a backing or even to give the fabric more stability. They do sell tear away tissue paper for this purpose, but any sturdy type of tissue paper will work. Does it sew just fine on cotton type fabrics?

  9. Thank you, Judy!! I changed the bobbin out and it didn't help. SIGH... But maybe there's a problem with the whole lot of them?? I can try changing back to the cheap plastic kind and see if that helps....
    Thanks, again!!

  10. Thanks!!!
    Nope, it's doing the same thing to my regular cotton. :/ SIGH.... What a pain!!!

  11. Sounds like you need an adjustment to the tension. On my Singer, the thread must come off the bobbin in the direction pictured in the manual or it caused lots of issues with loose or looped bottom stitches.

  12. Thanks, LaVonne!! I have it coming out counter-clockwise like the manual said. I adjusted the tension again and it's definitely better.


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