July 24, 2012

Sewing for Charity - Part 3: The Skirts Tutorial

YAY!!! I have my skirts all done! I made 2 yellow and 2 purple in different sizes. I found some great crepe backed satin in the remnants bin at Hancock's!! So the 4 skirts cost a little over $4!!! Isn't that awesome?????

I made up a little tutorial for them although they are very simple and easy to make. ;)

I am thinking about adding some little bows to them so they won't so plain.

What I Used 

3 yards of crepe backed satin

2 yards of off white broadcloth (for lining)

1 1/2 yards of 1/2" elastic

Step 1 -

Remove the cat from the fabric, dust off and iron, AGAIN!!!!! SIGH........

Step 2 -

Cut your fabric to the width and length you need. This was about 42 wide by 28 long.

Step 3 -

Cut the lining the same width but 4" shorter. I like the lining to be s bit shorter than the skirt. It's just a personal preference. You can make it the same length if you like.

Step 4 -

Pin the top of the main fabric to the top of the lining and sew them together with a straight stitch.

Step 5 -

Fold over the top about a 1/2" and press.

Step 6 -

Fold up the bottom of the lining a 1/2" and press. Fold over again 1" and press.  Pin and sew the hem. Press again.

Step 7 -

Pin the sides together and sew the seam. Press the seam to one side.

Step 8 -

Fold the top over 1" and press. This will be your elastic casing. Pin and sew with a straight stitch making sure to leave and opening to insert the elastic.

Step 9 -

Pin both ends of the elastic and either hold on tightly to both ends or pin one end to the fabric.

Step 10 -

Sew the ends of the elastic together. I usually use a zigzag stitch if the elastic is above 1/4". Sew the opening closed.

Step 11 -

Fold over the bottom 3/4" and press. Fold over 1/2", press and hem!

Now turn right side out and press!

You're all done! :) Now you have made a simple skirt for charity! YAY!!!! :) Let me know if this was easy to follow or not!

You can find a local agency to give it to or you can send it along to Skirting the Issue at Project Run & Play.  They even have a sizing chart to help you out. :)

Tonight I will start sewing shorts for the  Hopeful Threads  sew along for Children In Families in Cambodia. I will put up a tutorial for the self patterned shorts but I think I will also be using the free Fishsticks Designs pattern for a couple of pairs.

Both sites have prizes that you can enter to win if you wish.


  1. Stacey , the skirts are beautiful and what pretty fabric.. [I love Hancocks..].
    Love that you lined them too.. You are a very nice person...

  2. Thank you SO much, Judy!!!! :)
    Isn't Hancock's GREAT!!! They always have great stuff in their remnants bins and clearance tables!

  3. Wonderful job on the skirts! Thanks for sharing at the All Star Block Party.

  4. The skirts turned out cute, I'd leave them alone though. This way they could be accessorized however the wearer wants to:)

  5. Love your tuts....you are a busy lady! I linked via the made in a day blog hop. Do visit me soon! sharonstanleywrites.blogspot.com...came via the made in a day blog hop!

  6. These are really cute. I have a link party, and I would love it if you would link this post. You can find it at
    It is called Wednesdays Adorned From Above Link Party.
    I hope to see you there. Have a great Day.
    Debi Bolocofsky
    Adorned From Above

  7. Thank you so much!!! I will be paying you a visit back! :)

  8. Thank you so much!! I will go link up now! :)

  9. What a terrific project for a great cause. Thanks for sharing this at the All Star Block Party

  10. I love that fabric! And the skirts turned out great :-) Thanks so much for sharing this at The Fun In Functional!

  11. These are great! I'm glad that I found you as I'm just in the midst of sewing dresses for "little dresses for africa"...I imagine that I will have a post up about it by the end of next week. .I'm now a subscriber of yours via the blog hop and would love for you to check out my blog and follow as well! All the best, Monica

  12. That is wonderful, Monica!!! I am headed to your blog right now! :)

  13. Thanks so much for sharing with Wednesdays Adorned From Above Link Party. These skirts are so cute. What a great charity.


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